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Connected Customers: a recap of APPA B&F 2015

The American Public Power Association puts on a number of top-notch conferences each year. For SpryPoint, one of our favorites is the annual Business and Financial conference. The mix of attendees from the Customer Service, IT and Finance side of…

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Status Quo

Where do you stand in the battle against the status quo?

Within any organization, it’s undeniable that a degree of inertia exists that restricts your operation from running as efficiently as possible.

If you are in a management or supervisory role, I’d wager there are some days you feel as though…

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Is mobile technology a tool in your knowledge retention strategy?

A quick Google search confirms what many already know to be true: the utility industry workforce is aging.

This isn’t a new phenomenon. Many have been drawing attention to the forthcoming retirements of long-tenured utility personnel for the last decade. …

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AMC-Analytics-icon copy

Analytics? Sure, but you have to be more than a fancy graph.

The concept of data analysis and analytics has become mainstream over the last few years. From consumer behavior to the Internet of Things, analytics have been applied to help us dig deeper and unearth trends not previously seen.

On the …

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Rugged Laptop

What type of mobile device do you use in the field?

We get asked this question a lot: “What type of mobile device do you see in the field most often?” It’s a good question and we’ve seen an evolution over the past few years in what our customers are rolling …

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Mobile devices as a medium for collaboration

While the ubiquity of smart mobile devices (phones & tablets) is still relatively new, the feature set of an average device is quite well rounded and continues to grow.  In the past, we’ve written on how your operation can leverage

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You’re Not Alone

We’ve written in the past about the advantages of moving away from pen and paper work orders. From streamlining processes to running leaner and more efficient, there are a variety of reasons to want more than the paper-based status quo.…

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Mobile and Cloud apps, a recap of our session at APPA B&F

A few weeks ago, Keir Pollard and I had the opportunity to attend the annual APPA Business and Financial Conference. This years conference was hosted in Portland, OR and from all accounts was very well attended, and full of …

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“It was the man who invented the meter who made the money”

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes

“It was the man who invented the meter who made the money”

I came across a quote the other day from Earl Warren1 that struck me as not only clever but very insightful. Warren …

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Technology Changes


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No one likes change.

I don’t think this is necessarily true. Without a doubt, individuals find comfort in routine and consistency. Whether it’s eating the same thing for lunch everyday, or completing the same paper …

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