General Questions

SpryMobile can use WMS (Web Map Service) layers published though your GIS.
SpryMobile can work with existing work order systems to extend your existing service order system from the back-office into the field.
Yes. SpryMobile can run on its own as well as integrated to another system. If you don’t have an existing service order or work order system, you can use SpryMobile to track the entire work order lifecycle from creation to completion.
Virtually none. As a cloud-based application, we handle all maintenance, security, and upgrades.
If you are integrating SpryMobile to another system, we typically install a small synchronization utility on a PC to help protect your systems. If you are using SpryMobile on it’s own, there is typically no software to install.
You can connect to SpryMobile through any web browser on a smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC. As a responsive web app, SpryMobile will automatically fit whatever device you want to use.
SpryMobile is used on a number of devices including: Windows tablets, iPads, iPhone’s, Android tablets and phones.
SpryMobile’s simple drag and drop dispatching can help you assign work quicker, and get results faster. The dispatching functionality is designed to be flexible and allows you to assign work by employee, crew, or truck.
SpryPoint uses the best tools and engineering practices available to build and maintain SpryMobile, and you can rest assured that we’ve implemented multiple levels of security to protect and back up your critical data.
SpryMobile uses synchronization routines to provide back-office notifications in “near real-time” – typically within 30 seconds of work being completed in the field.
SpryMobile users can turn on a desktop notification service to alert back-office users when work has been completed. We also provide activity reports and routines to help you to reconcile work that has been done in the field.
Yes. SpryMobile allows customers to sign-off on work done in the field with a stylus or a finger.
Yes. SpryMobile allows you to take pictures using your phone or tablet’s digital camera and seamlessly attach them to work orders.
Yes. Just as you assigned work, you can re-assign using the same simple drag and drop functionality.
SpryMobile’s monthly cost is based on the number of active users. The one-time setup and implementation cost will be based on the configuration decisions you make during the onboarding process.
Depending on how you want to implement SpryMobile in your operation, setup and implementation can take anywhere from one day, to several weeks. Most implementations take less than 5 days.


Mobile Work Orders

Looking to connect your field service team to the office? SpryMobile helps you eliminate your paper work order process and enhance customer service.