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test results on paper?

SpryMobile Backflow and Equipment Testing

If you have assets and equipment in the field, chances are these items need to be tested. Whether its testing for regulatory compliance on gas meters or backflow valves, or preventive maintenance work like pumps or transformers, testing and inspecting is an important part of your operation.

Eliminate paper tests and inspection forms from the equation. SpryMobile Backflow and Equipment Testing offers a flexible platform to easily configure an unlimited number of test and inspection types, allowing your personnel to track and record their work in real-time, using a mobile phone, tablet, or PC.

Electronic tracking of test and inspection results is only one opportunity for improvement. What about reporting? Real time reports and dashboards tracking your progress and results are always available whether you’re stuck in the office, or out in the field.

Ad-hoc order creation

Quickly create orders for backflow tests, meter inspections or any type of work to be performed.

Device testing & inspection tracking

Eliminate spreadsheets or one-off databases to track test results. Keep all your records in one place to help ensure internal and external compliance.

Track comments from the field

Trouble finding a device or run into an angry dog? Track and record comments in the field to keep everyone up to date.