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Load Management & Demand Response in the Cloud

Balancing renewable energy supply with the real-time demand from their customers is a challenge faced by most electrical utilities. SpryPoint’s Grid Interactive Demand Response (GIDR) platform helps you optimize the integration of renewable energy resources into the grid.   SpryPoint’s platform provides two way connectivity to high-draw household assets enabling utilities to connect, monitor, analyze and control a fleet of grid interactive storage devices whether they be Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) Water Heaters, Air Conditioners or Electric Vehicles.  

Benefits include:
  • Shift consumption to off-peak hours and times when renewable resources are readily available.
  • Improve your load factor and supply reliability.
  • Optimize your storage assets.
  • Increase Customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • Remote Trouble Shooting to minimize truck rolls.
  • 100% Cloud based solution.
  • Technology agnostic and will work with any Behind-the-Meter-Storage Device
  • Dashboard Reports and Key Performance Indicators.
  • Weather data integration.
  • Administrative portal to manage customers, devices and charging strategies.
  • Customer Portal to empower customers to view and manage consumption.
  • Device level data collection and advanced analytics for informed decision making.
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