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Backflow Testing Portal

Eliminating paper and automating processes is at the top of any utility’s list of how to improve operational efficiency. Cross-connection and backflow programs are costly, paper driven and involve a significant amount of manual data entry. A great deal of effort is required to maintain tester licenses and certify test kits, not to mention organizing and maintaining all of the paper that is generated when tests are submitted.

The SpryPoint Backflow Testers portal helps you eliminate paper, automate processes and most importantly frees up your staff to focus on maintaining a healthy water system.  

Features of the SpryPoint backflow testing solution include:
  • 100% cloud enabled solution – no new server software or hardware to buy or maintain.
  • Mobile & Web enabled: Users can access from any web-enabled device – phone, tablet, or laptop.
  • Eliminate manual data entry and paper driven processes.
  • Real time visibility into tests as they are completed in the field.
  • Communication engine to contact customers or testers.
  • Configurable test reports.
  • Streamlined workflow for the test entry process with electronic submittal of tests.
  • Manage assemblies and print labels
  • Instant search, sort and filter based on Tester, Device, Assembly, Location and more.
  • Reporting: Summary and detail reports on completed tests and work that is outstanding.
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IntegrationConnect multiple data sources with integration to your Customer Information platform and other back office systems.
DashboardMonitor compliance and gain real-time insight into your backflow management program.
Self-ServiceEmpower the tester community to maintain accurate certification information, test kit calibrations and submit tests electronically from any web browser or mobile device.